The Reborn (2016)

The Reborn by Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza

It was premiered on June 18th, 2016 at the Teatro Principal de Zaragoza (Spain), within the gala organized by the Conservatorio Municipal Profesional de Danza Un día en el museo on June 18th & 19th. This piece was also presented at the VI Velada de la Danza at the Palacio de Congresos de Huesca on July 1st of that year. This is the first choreography premiered by Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza on a stage and was created using the painting Dominant Curve (1936) by Wassily Kandinsky, which appears and disappears progressively at the beginning and end of the piece through the Fibonacci spiral. It was also very important to use the effects of smoke and lighting to create a greater expectation in the viewer. The aim of this whole process was to symbolize and represent the Art-Science relationship that fascinates him and that he has already studied and disseminated it through other articles and projects. In addition, this piece gave the name to his first individual tour made during this year, The Reborn Tour 2016.