Photo Exhibition De Zaragoza al Mundo (2017)

Official Poster

The exhibition “De Zaragoza al Mundo” aims to show the public the work that has been done by the photographer Alberto Rodrigálvarez and the dancer Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza, since they began to collaborate in September 2014.
Through a selection of photographs, the exhibition reflects the artistic evolution of the work carried out in the 5 photographic sessions that have been carried out to date in exterior and interior environments of Zaragoza. The viewer will observe an initial academic work where, in a static way, the cleanliness of the movement in external environments of the city of Zaragoza stands out. As one progresses through the exhibition, the photographs evolve, gaining fluidity and quality in the movement at the studio sessions. Finally, the artistic exploration will be appreciated through the incorporation of external elements.
The title of the exhibition refers to the progression that is insinuated by observing the exhibition from the first photos in the architectural environment of the Expo Zaragoza 2008 to the final photograph, much more suggestive with a planet in the background. In addition, with the title it is alluded to that everything is possible from Zaragoza. The work and passion for what you do, is what pushes you forward regardless of the country, or the city where you were born to achieve what you have proposed in your life. With this, this exhibition aims to have a social character, inspiring especially young people to fight for their dreams so that they become a reality and together we can make a better world.