Member of the Latvian National Ballet since 2015, making history by being the first Spanish dancer to be part of this institution. He trained at the Conservatorio Municipal Profesional de Danza, the Estudio de Danza de María de Ávila and in 2014, finished his studies at the prestigious English National Ballet School, after receiving the Dance and Drama Award from the Government of the United Kingdom. His repertoire as a dancer includes more than 25 Solo roles, including the Caliph of Baghdad in Scheherazade and her Tales and more recently Karlens in Antonija #Silmaci. As well, he has danced all the classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle or Don Quixote, as well as neoclassical and contemporary pieces by world renowned choreographers like Boris Eiffman, Paul Chalmer or Krzysztof Pastor. Previously, he participated in productions with other companies including Ballet of Zaragoza, LaMov Cia de Danza and the English National Ballet.He has done more than 500 performances internationally in Germany, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania or the United Kingdom. At the same time, he has developed his own Solo Tours such as The Reborn Tour 2016, Fusion Tour 2017 and more recently, Phoenix Tour 2018, each one of them has culminated in the creation of a Promotional Video. In addition, he has also organized the Photo Exhibition De Zaragoza al Mundo, alongside the photographer Alberto Rodrigálvarezand its subsequent tour of various Spanish cities (Zaragoza, Logroño, Oña, Huesca o Nájera).