2 to 1 (2012)

It premiered in May 2012 within the English National Ballet School Choreographic Competition in London (United Kingdom).

Creative Team:

  • Direction, Concept & Coreography: Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza
  • Music: Waltz Nº 2 de Dimitri Shostakovich


  • Soloists Dancers: Tania Sanchez & Alazne López


About: This piece is based on the importance of the year 2012 for London and also for the whole world. This is a year of union of different cultures. Through the use of dance, he represents different cultures using two dancers (each of them represents a different part of the world, a different language or a different way of moving or expressing oneself, exploring the anatomical excellence of human body, how extreme bodies can be so beautiful and dance is the only way they have to communicate, so apparently the only link they have is dance, but when they dance they discover the most powerful bond they can have: London 2012. This event represents the union of all the cultures of the world, represents the union of minds, bodies and hearts, so that it is the union of the world in a single city and in only one year.