So far, yet so close (2017)

Moments during So far, yet so close by Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza (Photo: Embassy of Spain in Latvia)

It was premiered on May 9th, 2017 at the Riga Art Bourse Museum (Latvia). It was his first collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Latvia that organized the event An Evening of Dance in Spanish Atmosphere to celebrate Europe´s Day as a parallel activity of the Exhibition 12 Characters from the Prado Collection with works donated by the Museum of the Prado and exposed for the first time in the Baltic. For this event, he created the piece So far, yet so close, a ballet of one act that fulfilled the whole performance. This was his first event with the dancer Jolanta Lubeja and they were also the first dancers to dance in this museum, being an absolute success of the public.

Synopsis: Two people coming from two opposite parts of Europe, a man from Spain and a woman from Latvia.  Each one has their own life and they are happy with the way things are. However, one day, quite by chance, they meet and from then on everything changes. They explore and discover each other and learn how this other person could contribute to their lives and what the consequences might be. They both visualize a future together and after analysing and weighing it up, both decide to move on together into the future ahead, they will both enjoy a better and accomplished life finding support in each other. It endows a moral to the piece, the future will always be better if we head forward together. No matter what your background, in the end we all share a common culture, the culture of humanity.