Phoenix Tour 2018

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Phoenix Tour 2018 had the aim to celebrate his 15 years on stage and consisted of 3 main lines of activity: his progression as a soloist dancer, the diffusion and the divulgation and investigation of culture, art and culture.

The progression as a soloist dancer through various Galas & Festivals: through the world premiere of his new choreography, the ballet in two acts The Essence of Time performed by the dancer Jolanta Lubeja and himself, both members of the Latvian National Ballet. The performance took place on May 14 at the Auditorium of the Latvian National Library in Riga with live orchestra and organized by the Embassy of Spain in Latvia to highlight the closeness between the two countries on the occasion of the celebration of the first centenary of the Independence of Latvia. The gala Possible VIII at the Latvian National Opera, where he premiered Human, a solo created specifically for him by Raimonds Martinovs at the end of May.

The diffusion of culture, art and dance to the general public, continuing with the national tour to Spain of the Itinerant Photographic Exhibition of De Zaragoza al Mundo throughout the summer in the town of Najera thanks to the collaboration of the Casa de la Danza de Logroño, also participating in the Charity Auction of Rioja Wine Bottles dedicated and signed during the award ceremony of the Amigos de Honor 2018 of this institution on April 28. He also participated in the Homenaje al Centro y su Alumnado by the Conservatorio Municipal Profesional de Danza de Zaragoza in June to celebrate the 25th anniversary since its creation and also commemorating his 15 years on stage since his first performance at the Teatro Principal. This project culminated in the creation of his Promotional Video 2018.

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The divulgation and investigation of culture, art and dance: this line has been initiated recently through the presentation of the Professional Inquiry on January 18 at the Middlesex University in London, and has continued throughout the tour with several divulgative articles, in his blog Parallel Worlds: Arts and Sciences.